It’s All About Who You Know

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

Until now, I have never thought of Public Relations as a separate from journalism, marketing or advertising. My naïve understanding was that Public Relations was simply a broad term that covered all three categories. Boy was I wrong! In my research (Think PR and, I came across some interesting and enlightening finds:

PR vs. Journalism

When writing for Public Relations, the writer is trying to reach a targeted audience. This audience however, is a fraction of the size of the population that a journalist would be writing for. While PR professionals are taking a more intimate approach, journalists are writing for a mass audience, tend to write for a majority of the population and cover only the largest demographics.

PR vs. Marketing

To begin, contrary to popular belief, Public Relations are a huge part of sales. Although the rewards are not immediate, in the long run, they tend to be more consistent and bountiful. Marketers are those who are trying to make a sale right away, rather than PR’s who focus highly on building a relationship with the consumer. By winning over the buyer with personality and not pushing a sale, the purchaser will many times be more willing to do business with a company that is more accommodating.

PR vs. Advertisement

 When I hear the word advertisement, I think of television commercials; space that has been leased out from a network to a company in hopes of getting their name out and creating more sales. In Public Relations, there is not a multimillion dollar account specifically for spots during the Super Bowl; instead, PR’s try to get free air time to lift the company’s production.  Paid advertisements are scheduled and organized while Public Relation advertising could come at any time or not at all. There is no guarantee that a PR’s ad will play, but by building a strong relationship with different corporations and making quality connections, there is a greater possibility that the ad will air.

This project made for a very informative find! I’m excited to start getting into the nuts and bolts of this profession over the course of the semester.It is already starting to sound like a career choice that I would consider pursuing.


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