NewsU is News to Me

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

A requirement for my PR class is to take three self directed courses on The first one I took was titled, “Dealing With Difficult Conversations.” The quality of information in this hour long course was  awesome. It allowed me to ponder difficult situations that I had been in before and how I would maneuver my way through them if I had known some of this material at that time. I was also able to learn some new things about myself!

For instance, I learned that my style of conflict resolution is “Compromising.” I had always thought of myself as a “Collaborator” because simple logic tells me that two heads are better than one. It’s not that I avoid conflict at all cost, I just don’t care for it. I believe that my compromising style correlates with me being the oldest of two siblings in that I seek the need to please.

To expand on these styles of conflict resolution, it was also brought to my attention in this course that it is perfectly okay, if not preferred, to use multiple styles of conflict resolution depending on the situation or the person. This makes so much sense to me! Obviously, I don’t spend my day contemplating what style I should use in my next confrontation, but I had really never thought about the different options I had when it came to these types of encounters.

This course also taught how to get out of a difficult conversation once both parties have said their peace. One tactic in particular stood out to me as a great way to move from the slightly hostile tone of conflict to a more controlled and relaxed feel. Although subtle, making a quick subject change is a great way to get one’s mind off of the friction of conflict. I had to try this for myself. After a couple brief squabbles with the younger sibling and the girlfriend, I learned that this method works best when I could say something that made them laugh.

This NewsU course was very extremely helpful. It gave me the opportunity to think about things that I would have never conjured up on my own and gave me lifelong tools that I can use in any type of conflict. This course is highly recommended!


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