PR in the 70’s

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

Unfortunately, the excitement of Public Relations has slowly died down since the days of disco and bell bottems. If it were up to me, I would prefer to sport my groovy threads and afro in a PR firm that has the soothing sounds of Boston and the Bee Gees playing over the speakers as well as the free and rebelious culture of that incredible decade. The 70’s would definitely be my favorite PR era.

There was something about the 70’s that made life so much simpler. It could have been the abundance of amazing icons that even 40 years later, are still a household name. It could have been the amazing music and talented musicians that forced the definition of an artist to evolve from album to album. It also could have been the lack of brand names and the ability to wear whatever one wanted as long as it was put together with a meaningful and crative passion. In my opinion, I believe the thing that made the 70’s so much better than today is the lack of technology.

In the 70’s there was no texting, no Twitter and no worries. Everyone communicated on a very personal level and established relationships with one another. In todays time, we are so removed from face to face communication that the only form of talking with a boyfriend or girlfriend is via text or Facebook. I’m not sure if we as a poeple have just become lazy because of all of the technological shortcuts or if we have just been conditioned to think that social networking is an intamate form of communication. Either way, I would prefer the lifestyle and all things public relations to be in the form of the 70’s decade.

  1. Jessi Ellerbe says:

    Mmmm, I can definitely agree with you there; the music of the 70s is some of the best ever made. I can also agree with you when you say how much more personal the communication outlets of PR in the 70s were. Honestly, up until the mid 90s, it was always pretty personal. The internet is a 21st century vehicle in my opinion, and it has caused quite a bit of changes in the world of PR and Communications. Even though it has its fantastic perks, sometimes dealing with things in old-fashioned ways isn’t always a bad thing.

    ps- the Bee Gees are one of my FAVORITE bands. I adore your picture along with this post!

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  3. Ha, this sounds cool. the 70’s certainly was a time of big names that and an era where media was exploding. No, they did not have the technology of today, but it was a time when technology was really taking off.

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