Making it Count

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

When evaluating a campaign, how does one measure the effectiveness? It is obvious that this measurement is vital in a company’s campaign, but how does one even begin to find these results? Well, surprisingly, there are several ways to go about this task but no one specific technique is accept as a flawless analysis. Romyr Public Relations has given five common ways that a PR practitioner can use together or separate measure the effectiveness of a PR campaign:

  • Content Analysis
  • Analysis of internet publications
  • Research on the effectiveness of trade show and other corporate events
  • research using experimental design and quasi-experimental design and their methods in the form of surveys, polling, focus groups, role playing and son on.
When using these measurements, the Commission on PR measurement for evaluating has several parts. First, there is setting specific measurable PR goals and objectives. Then there is measuring short term PR outputs, group awareness measurement, Changes in public opinion, and finally, business and or organizational outcomes.
The reasons for measuring the success of these campaigns are clear cut and simple. First, a company needs to see that the money they are investing into these projects are worthwhile. No company is going to invest in outreach if the operation is not beneficial. Next, it is important that the company knows what the public thinks about them. Companies can not thrive without the support of clients and customers. Without measuring effectiveness of campaigns and finding out what the public thinks, the company risks moving forward and without making any adjustments to satisfy their investors.

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