Online Media Law: The Basics for BLoggers and Other Publishers

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

In the online world, there are several laws which I was previously not aware of. Before I took the NewsU course, Online Media Law: The Basics for Bloggers and Other Publishers, I knew very little about how serious some of these crimes were. I was also fortunate enough to learn some of the lingo that I had heard before, but never had the nerve to look up. This is my reflection.

What Did I Learn?

First, I learned a bit of very important vocabulary that helped me find my way through the course. I learned that “Defamation” is online slander. I already had an idea of what the “Invasion of Privacy” law was, but I did not know that even if the information you post about someone else is completely accurate, you still p

ut yourself at risk of legal labially.

What Surprised Me?

What surprised me the most was how many times I have put myself at risk  of these liabilities. It is very easy to put information about people on your Facebook and Twitter accounts without them giving any type of consent. Just imagining how many pictures of friends, family or even strangers people have uploaded on their pages without consent is mind boggling. I’M GUILTY!!!!

What Do I Want To Learn More About?

I’ve learned a lot through this course, but one thing I would like to know more about would be how I would go about copyrighting my own material. I have heard through the grape vine that if one publishes something on Youtube, that it is copyrighted to that person for a calendar year. After that, it becomes fair game for any online user. How do I copyright my original music permanently?

This course was very informational and I learned a many things that had stumped me in the past. I was also surprised at how liable I am for uploading pictures and writing status updates. I am still not sure about publishing my own material online, butI will continue my quest in finding out more about permenant copyrights.


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