The Fork in the Road

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

When deciding where one will work in Public Relations, there are a couple different routes to choose from. There is the less stressful yet, less potentially less glamorous life of working at an “In-house” company, and there is the more exciting but, longer hours career in a PR agency. The course book, THINK Public Relations gives many pros and cons for each and allows aspiring PR Pros to make the decision for themselves.

First, the PR firm. There are some great benefits of starting at a corporate firm. The employee will get to focus on one company and one company only. They will learn every in and out of that one corporation and develop strong relationships within that industry. They will also be working with many other departments such as finance, sales, and marketing which can expose them to new roles and opportunities in the communication field. The bad part about working in-house

is that the PR department can be very small and limited. Not only will one be working with a very small group of PR professionals, but there is not a lot of change from day to day. If the employee is looking for something very stable and routine, a firm would be perfect. However, if the employee is more outgoing and strives to be a mover and shaker in the office, an agency is where they belong.

In a PR agency, everything is constantly changing. From new assignments, to celebrity clients, to attending movie premiers, starting at a PR agency is where many go to get a little more out of their PR career. In the agency, a new employee will learn the ropes very quickly and be thrown into the career head first. In an agency. one can learn a lot PR techniques and make contacts that can be valuable wherever their career takes them. The downside to working in an agency is that new employees have to work their way up through the ranks to be able to handle clients. There is also a lot of stress in the agency where the firm is always routine and somewhat predictable.

To close, it really depends on the person who wants the career and what they are looking for. If they want a solid 9 to 5 job, the firm is perfect for them. If they want longer hours with a potentially more glamorous career, a PR agency is where they should start.


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