You Just Might Have Grown Up in the 90’s If…

Posted: November 16, 2011 in PR Connections, Public Relations

Do you remember the trying to save a file to a Floppy Disc? Or perhaps even trying to make a mix tape using a cassette tape? If so, then you grew up during the 90’s! Enjoy reminiscing by traveling back in time through this article from

  1. Oh my goodness, yes! I read this article and just started smiling at all the things I remember that I know so many of the kids now have no idea how to do or even what they are! Looking back, it really has been interesting to see the growth of technology and things since we first learned how to use them in the 90’s. I am such a 90’s kid. My favorites:
    1. How to save a file on a floppy disc
    5. How to record something on a VHS tape
    11. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
    16. How awesome and frightening AOL chat rooms were
    18. How to entertain yourself without YouTube videos (oh wait, the Internet in general)

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