Bill Clinton’s Crossword Puzzle Helps Writers

Posted: November 20, 2011 in PR Connections, Public Relations

In the film, Wordplay, Bill Clinton talks about his strategy to figure out how to complete crossword puzzles. Unknowingly, he has helped the writers of the world as well! The process Clinton uses starts with finding an easy clue that he can work with and then uses that clue to figure out other words in the puzzle.

Writing is the same way. The writer of this blurb, Daphne Grey-Grant, says that she starts with a simple topic and goes from there to complete the draft. She spends from an hour to 5 days on one blog and only works on the blog in 5 to 15 minute increments. She spends the last part of her sessions rereading and editing.

Bill says in his film that he, “just chips away at it [the puzzle].” This is what we as writers must do to complete a quality project. The best thing a for a writer with a block or a stumped Bill Clinton is to take a break from the project and return to it with a fresh attitude and imagination


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