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Posted: November 23, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

Throughout my blogging journey, I have come across many professional blogs, but one stands out among the rest. Public Relations Nation is a Blog written by Jeff Morosoff who is an assistant professor of Public Relations at Hofstra University. His blogs are filled to the brim with Public Relations information and updated stories. One of his most recent posts about the Penn State University scandal has some very interesting but, true quotes. ”Power has its privilege; however, power has responsibility and accountability. In this case power corrupted and absolute power corrupted absolutely.” It’s things like this that keeps me coming back to his blogs.

This Professional blog is amazing for a student. Mr. Morosoff has many blogs about what is in the news and how other PR pros are handling specific situations. This post, When the Man is the Brand, tells about Steve Jobs and how his innovations and inventions had made him the graven image of the company. Morosoff compares Jobs’ idol status to that of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and Standard Oil founder, John D. Rockefeller. He goes on to show their similarities and differences only to ask, “Will Apple still be the same innovative company without Jobs?”


Not only is this blog great for students, it is perfect for other PR professionals as well. Morosoff digs deep into topics such as Fundraising and Facebook to shed light on their influences in the world of Public Relations. Morosoff’s posts are also very easy to keep up with. He updates his blog every 7 days without fail. His posts are also quite short and do not take a lot of time out of your day but, that does NOT take away from the quality of his work.

Jeff Morosoff’s professional blog, Public Relations Nation is an incredible blog and one that I would highly recommend. Not only is it a great blog for students to gain information from, but a blog that PR Professionals can also pick their brains about as well.


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