Public Relations Presentation

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

There are many directions one can go in the Public Relations Industry. I have been given a very broad topic to present for my PR class at Southeastern University; “PR and the Government.” Fortunately, I was also given a team of two other students from the class to help break down the presentation into smaller and more distinct themes. The two topics I will be discussing are Lobbying and Election Campaigns.

To begin, the concentration of a lobbyist is to persuade legislators to make policies and laws that benefit the company that they are working for. This job is a Public Relations majors’ dream job.

The lobbyist is constantly communicating with people higher on the totem pole than them in order to increase their salary. Many times, lobbyist will agree to make a donation to a political campaign if a policy is passed. This small act of bribery is what makes the system rewarding for both parties.

My second topic, Election Campaigns tie in perfectly with the previous subject. Much of the election campaigns for all offices are funded by donations. A multitude of these donations come from lobbyist and other organizations that may benefit if their politician is elected. These campaigns are used to influence voters to choose a particular person to represent the general public in the political world.

These are just a few notes I have conjured up for the presentation. Lobbyist careers are based on persuading the policy makers to benefit their companies, while the policy makers benefit from the donations of the lobbyists and other organizations in order to have a succesful election campaign. Please feel free to comment with any thoughts, ideas or information you may have regarding these subjects.

  1. Your presentation rocked!
    I loved how you included commonly used but illegal ways to grow a campaign in your presentation.
    I did not realize how much goes on behind lobbying and how often it goes unseen. Great job!

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  3. seravirginia says:

    You did a great job in your presentation! I had heard of the term “lobbyist” before, but had no idea what exactly they did, or how they fit in with Public Relations. Thanks for enlightening us!

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