This Semester’s Top Ten

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

This topic of the week is dedicated to everything that I have learned this semester in Public Relations. I have acquired so much knowledge this semester that it’s been hard for me to decide what I should trim out of the top 10, but I think I have finally done it!

This Semester, I have learned:

  1. What Public Relations Really Is. I have been a Communications major for two years now and I have heard people talk about going in to PR, but I never really knew what it entailed. I’ve learned that PR is basically the maintenance and promotion of a company’s image, but advertising and marketing can also be included.
  2. How To Blog. I have always wondered how and why people blogged, but over the course of the semester, I feel that I have become one heck of a writer.
  3. What Lobbyist Do. I have always thought politics were extremely intriguing, but until I did my class presentation on Lobbying and Election Campaigns, Lobbying was a foreign concept. If becoming a PR pro in a company doesn’t work out, I may just move to DC and dabble in some lobbying for a few years. 🙂
  4. How to Tweet. I have had a Facebook for a long time and before that, a MySpace. The transition between those two was not difficult at all. However, going from Facebook to Twitter was like trying to eat soup with a fork. Fortunately, I had some friends and a very good professor that helped tremendously! By the way, you should follow me @JohnnieKirkland.
  5. Copyright Laws and Regulations. NewsU courses are some of the best online courses I have ever taken. In these courses, I learned  how to obtain rights and the consequences for using media without giving credit to its owner.
  6. How to Handle A PR Crisis. This semester has been full of PR surprises from the Tiger Woods affairs to the NBA Lockout. I can’t wait to see how PR pros handle the Presidential election campaigns in the Spring!
  7. Contacts Are Extremely Important. Networking on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and within an internship is probably the most important thing an aspiring PR worker could do.
  8. Class Does Not Always Prepare You For Your Career. In my interview with a PR Pro, I asked State Farm Marketing Analyst Lucy Warren if her degree prepared her for the workplace. She responded with a resounding NO. There is no replacement for experience in the workplace. This is what internships so important.
  9. Read! To be a PR pro, you have to stay up to date on the current trends and methods of everything PR. Subscribing to blogs, Following PR pros on Twitter and checking out sites such as are just a few ways to stay on top of your game.
  10. Be A Great Writer. This could easily be one of the most vital parts of the profession. In the interview with Lucy Warren, she said that not a day goes by where she doesn’t send several emails or write-up a project. Writing is easily one of the top time consumers in PR. If you’re not good at it, you may get yourself embarrassed quite often.

These are only 10 of the many things I’ve learned this semester in PR Applications. I hope this has been a helpful post and please feel free to comment if  you notice that I have overlooked anything.

  1. This is an extremely accurate view of what I also learned in the course this semester. In my interview I also learned the importance of being a creative and gifted writer and how far that can take you in the PR field. Great top 10!

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