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This topic of the week is dedicated to everything that I have learned this semester in Public Relations. I have acquired so much knowledge this semester that it’s been hard for me to decide what I should trim out of the top 10, but I think I have finally done it!

This Semester, I have learned:

  1. What Public Relations Really Is. I have been a Communications major for two years now and I have heard people talk about going in to PR, but I never really knew what it entailed. I’ve learned that PR is basically the maintenance and promotion of a company’s image, but advertising and marketing can also be included.
  2. How To Blog. I have always wondered how and why people blogged, but over the course of the semester, I feel that I have become one heck of a writer.
  3. What Lobbyist Do. I have always thought politics were extremely intriguing, but until I did my class presentation on Lobbying and Election Campaigns, Lobbying was a foreign concept. If becoming a PR pro in a company doesn’t work out, I may just move to DC and dabble in some lobbying for a few years. 🙂
  4. How to Tweet. I have had a Facebook for a long time and before that, a MySpace. The transition between those two was not difficult at all. However, going from Facebook to Twitter was like trying to eat soup with a fork. Fortunately, I had some friends and a very good professor that helped tremendously! By the way, you should follow me @JohnnieKirkland.
  5. Copyright Laws and Regulations. NewsU courses are some of the best online courses I have ever taken. In these courses, I learned  how to obtain rights and the consequences for using media without giving credit to its owner.
  6. How to Handle A PR Crisis. This semester has been full of PR surprises from the Tiger Woods affairs to the NBA Lockout. I can’t wait to see how PR pros handle the Presidential election campaigns in the Spring!
  7. Contacts Are Extremely Important. Networking on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and within an internship is probably the most important thing an aspiring PR worker could do.
  8. Class Does Not Always Prepare You For Your Career. In my interview with a PR Pro, I asked State Farm Marketing Analyst Lucy Warren if her degree prepared her for the workplace. She responded with a resounding NO. There is no replacement for experience in the workplace. This is what internships so important.
  9. Read! To be a PR pro, you have to stay up to date on the current trends and methods of everything PR. Subscribing to blogs, Following PR pros on Twitter and checking out sites such as are just a few ways to stay on top of your game.
  10. Be A Great Writer. This could easily be one of the most vital parts of the profession. In the interview with Lucy Warren, she said that not a day goes by where she doesn’t send several emails or write-up a project. Writing is easily one of the top time consumers in PR. If you’re not good at it, you may get yourself embarrassed quite often.

These are only 10 of the many things I’ve learned this semester in PR Applications. I hope this has been a helpful post and please feel free to comment if  you notice that I have overlooked anything.


Guest Blog Week

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

In this post, I will be featuring a sample of my fellow classmate’s blog. Her name is Jennifer Browning and she has posted a story about the Coca-Cola Company teaming up with the World Wildlife Foundation in to raise money for Polar Bears. You can find this post and more at Being the animal lover that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I hope you will too!

Coca-Cola and the WWF

November 13, 2011 by jennmbrowning     <——- OPEN IT! :]

I am excited to say that this year, coca cola is teaming up with the WWF to help the Arctic Home Campaign in a very visual way! According to this post I placed a link to above and other various sources, Coca-Cola is changing their look from a red can to a white one to help save the Polar Bears! They have always had a special place in the company’s heart and that is seen through all the commercials they have been featured in over the years.

“Coke is turning their red cans white this holiday season as part of the “Arctic Home” campaign, another thing I think is awesome. It makes total sense to me for Coke to raise awareness and funds to support World Wildlife Fund (WWF) efforts to protect the polar bears’ Arctic home.

Coke will contribute $2 million to WWF over the next five years, and donations from consumers made by March 15, 2012 will be matched – up to $1 million USD – through the Arctic Home campaign.”

Christmas is such a magical time of the year. I believe that anything you do to help the world around you, such as helping out a wildlife fund is magical all in itself! Therefore, coca-cola is proving itself to be magical once again!


There are many directions one can go in the Public Relations Industry. I have been given a very broad topic to present for my PR class at Southeastern University; “PR and the Government.” Fortunately, I was also given a team of two other students from the class to help break down the presentation into smaller and more distinct themes. The two topics I will be discussing are Lobbying and Election Campaigns.

To begin, the concentration of a lobbyist is to persuade legislators to make policies and laws that benefit the company that they are working for. This job is a Public Relations majors’ dream job.

The lobbyist is constantly communicating with people higher on the totem pole than them in order to increase their salary. Many times, lobbyist will agree to make a donation to a political campaign if a policy is passed. This small act of bribery is what makes the system rewarding for both parties.

My second topic, Election Campaigns tie in perfectly with the previous subject. Much of the election campaigns for all offices are funded by donations. A multitude of these donations come from lobbyist and other organizations that may benefit if their politician is elected. These campaigns are used to influence voters to choose a particular person to represent the general public in the political world.

These are just a few notes I have conjured up for the presentation. Lobbyist careers are based on persuading the policy makers to benefit their companies, while the policy makers benefit from the donations of the lobbyists and other organizations in order to have a succesful election campaign. Please feel free to comment with any thoughts, ideas or information you may have regarding these subjects.

PR Podcasts

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Public Relations, Topics of the Week

If you have ever listened to Podcasts on iTunes, you know that it can be very addictive. For this Topics of the Week post, I was asked to listen to a PR Podcast for an hour and reflect. I have been listening to PRStudCast for the past two hours while working out and I feel like it is now time for me to relay to the masses about how great this Podcast is.

Harrison Kratz, founder and co-host of PRStudCast has put together an amazing program and has interviewed some very interesting and creative people. His website is basically a classroom where he brings in guest speakers to give their expertise to students and professionals who are either looking to go into PR or are already involved in PR. PRStudCast also features weekly trending topics to help those seeking information in the PR industry.

The most recent post from PRStudCast is an interview with Jess Ostroff who is an up and coming entrepeneur and virtual assistant to Jay Baer, Jason Falls, Brian Clark and several other media gurus. During her interview, she gave a brief personal history about how she got involved in PR and how she had to put herself out there in order to become successful in her field. Her advice to students looking to go into PR is to consider whether the student wants a dream job, or a lavish lifestyle and build their career around that idea.

PRStudCast is a great Podcast for students. The many guest speakers that Harrison is able to interview gives insight into what PR is like from every angle. If you haven’t yet, please go listen to this program, but be careful, time flies by when listening to this incredible show!

Throughout my blogging journey, I have come across many professional blogs, but one stands out among the rest. Public Relations Nation is a Blog written by Jeff Morosoff who is an assistant professor of Public Relations at Hofstra University. His blogs are filled to the brim with Public Relations information and updated stories. One of his most recent posts about the Penn State University scandal has some very interesting but, true quotes. ”Power has its privilege; however, power has responsibility and accountability. In this case power corrupted and absolute power corrupted absolutely.” It’s things like this that keeps me coming back to his blogs.

This Professional blog is amazing for a student. Mr. Morosoff has many blogs about what is in the news and how other PR pros are handling specific situations. This post, When the Man is the Brand, tells about Steve Jobs and how his innovations and inventions had made him the graven image of the company. Morosoff compares Jobs’ idol status to that of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and Standard Oil founder, John D. Rockefeller. He goes on to show their similarities and differences only to ask, “Will Apple still be the same innovative company without Jobs?”


Not only is this blog great for students, it is perfect for other PR professionals as well. Morosoff digs deep into topics such as Fundraising and Facebook to shed light on their influences in the world of Public Relations. Morosoff’s posts are also very easy to keep up with. He updates his blog every 7 days without fail. His posts are also quite short and do not take a lot of time out of your day but, that does NOT take away from the quality of his work.

Jeff Morosoff’s professional blog, Public Relations Nation is an incredible blog and one that I would highly recommend. Not only is it a great blog for students to gain information from, but a blog that PR Professionals can also pick their brains about as well.

As the holiday season approaches, I was searching the web for some fun things to showcase for Thanksgiving. I came across and saw this article about 10 things to be thankful for and thought it would be perfect for this particular occasion. I hope you enjoy this amusing article as much as I did!

This week, PR Daily readers shared the many reasons they’re giving thanks this year. From family members to good jobs and strong mentors, people working in the public relations and marketing fields are a thankful bunch.

Justin Goldsborough, a digital strategist at Fleishman Hillard, offered his take on this question in apost on his blog. We thought we’d share them with you.

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving, enjoy your time (away from work). — Editor

1. Clients 

Not trying to be a kiss up here. (OK, maybe a little.) But without clients and the opportunity to work with amazing people and brands, we wouldn’t have jobs. So let’s not ignore the obvious No. 1 thing to thankful for.

2. Listening 

Companies have always relied on research, but social media provides the insights we can’t get from focus groups and primary research alone. More importantly, it keeps us from making decisions with blinders on and forces our clients to start breaking down the silos and working together to meet the customer’s needs.

Listening shifts companies’ focus to the customer experience, which is where it always should have been in the first place.

3. Being taken more seriously 

Sure, there are always going to be naysayers. But PR is using customer insights, often through listening, to show how we can deliver a more direct impact on the business.

The data we get from these online conversations can change how our clients position products, show us what angles would make the best stories to pitch, and more.

4. More tangible results 

There are some similarities to No. 2. But I wanted to give a shout out to The Barcelona Principles, which started us down this road toward measuring outcomes and not just outputs.

Every day I hear fewer people talking about simply tracking impressions or website visitors. More are talking about tracking calls to action, click throughs, lead generation, and sales. This is a good thing.

5. Bloggers

There are a variety of opinions out there about how PR should work with bloggers. But one thing is certain: We couldn’t do our job as well without them. In fact, I work with bloggers more these days than reporters.

They are an important group to build relationships with because of the communities they’ve worked to build on their own. And, as you all know, blogging consistently and building community is no easy task.

6. Smart people 

I am always amazed by how many smart people there are in our industry and how willing so many of them are to help with a question or issue, no matter how large or small.

Not only do we count on each other for assistance from time to time, but I also have learned a ton from my industry peers just by connecting with them daily through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network where we might meet.

7. Research 

I mentioned listening earlier, but I want to throw a shout out to good ol’ traditional research as well. Surveys, studies and focus groups have not gone by the wayside.

As PR professionals, we should be thankful for the access to this data to frame the approaches we take with clients, so we aren’t just shooting in the dark. Primary research is always the best, but sources like eMarketer and Forrester are great for secondary research.

8. Owned channels 

Nothing is more frustrating than relying on a third party solely to tell your brand’s story. Yes, we need to work with bloggers and journalists. They are an integral piece of the earned media landscape.

But having our own blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and more makes it easier than ever before to share our clients’ stories and connect with their customers.

9. Ambassadors, not just influencers 
Influencers are often broadcasters for our brand. We benefit from that broadcasting, but also it’s often a short-term benefit. Buzz today, gone tomorrow. Ambassadors are our biggest fans. They stand by their brand today, tomorrow, and the next day. Let’s make sure we’re not ignoring them.
10. Barriers and strategy 

This is what I am most thankful for—besides clients of course—because this is what shows the true value PR can add to the business. Every client has barriers and every client needs a strategic communications plan. It’s up to us to make that happen.

Barriers make it easy because if you can figure out why customers aren’t using a client’s products or services, then you can decide what strategy to embrace to eliminate those barriers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Justin Goldsborough works for Fleishman-Hillard Kansas City, where he specializes in digital strategy and education. He blogs at Justin Case You Were Wondering. 

If you are looking to interview for a job, this Article on is a must read. Interviewing for a position can be extremely nerve-racking, but this article give the job seeker simple tips to ensure that the person being interviewed is hitting all of the right notes. I found that there is a lot of grey area to play with after the interview, but there are several specifics to follow before and during the interview.