If you are looking to interview for a job, this Article on PRDaily.com is a must read. Interviewing for a position can be extremely nerve-racking, but this article give the job seeker simple tips to ensure that the person being interviewed is hitting all of the right notes. I found that there is a lot of grey area to play with after the interview, but there are several specifics to follow before and during the interview.


In the film, Wordplay, Bill Clinton talks about his strategy to figure out how to complete crossword puzzles. Unknowingly, he has helped the writers of the world as well! The process Clinton uses starts with finding an easy clue that he can work with and then uses that clue to figure out other words in the puzzle.

Writing is the same way. The writer of this blurb, Daphne Grey-Grant, says that she starts with a simple topic and goes from there to complete the draft. She spends from an hour to 5 days on one blog and only works on the blog in 5 to 15 minute increments. She spends the last part of her sessions rereading and editing.

Bill says in his film that he, “just chips away at it [the puzzle].” This is what we as writers must do to complete a quality project. The best thing a for a writer with a block or a stumped Bill Clinton is to take a break from the project and return to it with a fresh attitude and imagination

Auto-Correct is Evil!

Posted: November 20, 2011 in PR Connections, Public Relations

Text message auto-correct may just be the best thing that has been invented since sliced bread, but auto-correct can be evil! Check out the link below and see how auto-correct has become one of the biggest pranksters in communication today.

Communication Gone Wrong

Keeping track of all of the projects one has to do in PR is one thing. Protecting integrity and public trust is quite another. PR practitioners have many things to keep up with, but maintaining some knowledge of law can save the company a lot of time in courts and a lot of money. Some aspects of laws that PR pros need to me aware of are the rights to personal privacy and the rights to use other company’s material.

The first thing a PR practitioner  must be concerned with when dealing with the public is the rights to personal privacy. Client confidentiality is one of the most important thing there is in a company. The breach of confidentiality could result in loss of clients which leads to loss of revenue and equally as important, loss of reputation. To be on the safe side, a PR practitioner needs to make sure that if a client is to be used in the public eye that waivers are filed to avoid this embarrassing event.

Another aspect that PR pros should be cautious of is the use of other companies’ material being used on their products and advertisements. In college, we like to call this, “plagiarism.” If PR pros use an idea or product that is not theirs, credit must be given to the person(s) that founded it. Practitioners need to get permission from these companies to use their ideas, logos…etc. Stealing these things could result in major lawsuits and cost a corporations their reputation and a lot of money.

In conclusion, PR practitioners need to keep up with a lot of different things from day-to-day, but two things that they can not ignore is the rights to personal privacy and the use of other companies’ material. In this business, you can never be too safe.

When millionaires argue with millionaires and billionaires about money, the outcome can never be good. Unfortunately, this is what has happened to the NBA. The season has been cancelled, but if you still want to stand behind your favorite player, log on to Twitter and search #StandUnited for the Players Union hashtag.

Have you ever had problems with such words as, “Principle” and “Principal?” If you have struggled with these homonyms in the past, you may have run in to a few others! This Article found on PRDaily.com can help put an end to several other confusing word pairs!

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